Remodeling is a specialized art. It effectively merges the original structure with a new vision. The attention to detail that goes into all of our work is unrivalled in the home building business. Whether you want to remodel one room or your entire house, you’re in for a surprise.

Brigham Construction looks beyond the obvious. To come up with design ideas and solutions that you may not have dreamed possible. Any architectural style and under any budget, you can have it all. After all, it isn’t how much money you spend, but rather how well you spend it.

You can work with one of our award winning designers or architects. Or we’ll partner with and architect of your choice. Either way, you’ll find our people approachable and accessible throughout the project. And even beyond. We listen to your needs, assess your lifestyle, and then come up with a plan. A plan that gets the job done, minimizes the disruption and avoids surprises, except the pleasant kind.


View our photo galleries below:

1045 S Brainard, La Grange

337 S Ashland, La Grange

5805 Virginia, Clarendon Hills

135 N. Stone, La Grange

401 Gilbert, La Grange

725 Bell, La Grange

320 Bell, La Grange

425 S. Ashland, La Grange

Orland Park House

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