In addition to our vast experience, the advantages and benefits of employing Brigham Construction Co., Inc. to provide Construction Management Services are as follows:

1.We have a qualified team of experienced architects and engineers. Architectural and engineering fees can be minimized if the owner selects architectural and engineering firms that have experience working under the coordinated efforts of BCC management. The Brigham Construction team can assist in your land purchase and if required, prepare necessary site, engineering and landscape plans for municipal zoning & special use approvals.

2.You will receive early cost estimating input.
We will provide a budget estimate based on conceptual design ideas as they are developed. We will provide value engineering.

3.It is the goal of the Construction Manager to define each subcontractor’s scope of work, clarify the contract drawings and documents, and resolve subcontractor questions and concerns so that they have a thorough understanding of the project.
This will result in a more responsive competitive price.

4.We will obtain qualified bids for each subcontractor trade by developing a short list of 2 to 5 bidders for each trade.
We will review the proposals received and make recommendations to the Owner for contract awards. Finally, we will write all contract agreements for Owner’s signature and the necessary certificates of insurance naming the Owner as additionally insured.

5.If during the course of construction unforeseen construction conditions are encountered, the Construction Manager will investigate and suggest recommendations to the Owner utilizing current knowledge of building costs, methods, and means.

6.We, as the Owner’s agent, are responsible for the preparation, processing, and flow of all paperwork.
This is to include: subcontract agreements, purchase orders and change orders; shop drawings and manufacturers’ cut sheet submittals; and monthly applications for payment, construction sworn statements, waivers of lien, and coordination with Owner’s construction escrow.

7.We will conduct weekly or biweekly project meetings with the owner.


8.Brigham Construction Co., Inc. has adopted a “total quality” approach to doing business.


9.We will prepare a CPM Schedule which identifies all construction activities.
All scheduling is derived from computer processed logic based on data from similar projects.

10.We use the latest systems and methods that we know are cost-effective.
Our honesty and integrity are synonymous with our ability to provide the best value to our clients. All project savings are the Owner’s.

11.Brigham Construction Co., Inc. has the owner subcontract all work; therefore, we do not profit from or have the opportunity to inflate the value of work done by our own forces.

12.Once the scope of work is defined, we will prepare an estimated budget for general conditions to include supervision, insurance, and necessary field overhead associated with the project for the Owner’s review and approval.

13.Once the scope of work is defined, BCC will establish a construction management fee for the Owner’s approval.

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